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My Music Selection

Music from UTUBE

This is not the meaning of the music but more the way the music helps me to focus. Have a listen & decide for yourselves:



The focus in the music is great and she has a lovely voice. I see a lot of character in her as an actor and producer. I love the songs she sings and very inspiring to her audience.  especially in Bwana Yesu

And, in the beautifully sung One More Time.

I know my God lives Najua This reminds me of John Chapter 1 verse 1.

Oh my. This reminds me, a love song for Jesus. You have defeated me Umeniweza 

BETTY BAYO ft. EUNICE NJERI God changes and my hope is it changes for Betty Bayo and team too. Eunice compliments and allows  Betty Bayo  voice to come out. The words are sweet and only one or two technical issues in the performance, but the music is nice.

LYNDA RANDLE - One Day at a Time Help me Lord live one day at a time and Lord for my sake teach me to take one day at a time. If you learn to do this my friends, sisters and brothers, how peaceful you will be. Ask God to give you the strength to live one day at a time. Set your goals and plan and put God first in all your doings and most of all remember a day at a time.

EMILY KANCHORI - Kama Sio Wewe Yesu As the song says “If its not you lord I do not know where I would be” and I thank you lord for your great love. You knew me in my mum’s womb and you loved me then”.
Lovely words, lovely tune and as for me, I am grateful to you my Lord with all my heart and love.

BETTY BAYO - Maneno Betty Bayo sings, "Let my words be led by you lord, when I talk about my life, I think of you lord, I am blessed and there is a lot in you Lord, Even where I am Lord, I am with you Lord".
When I listen to her words in this song, and see how she has grown in her singing, I feel elated, so much so that I want to go out and spread the word of God to the Universe.

Marion Shako - Jina La Yesu

Rosy Ohon - Watoto This lovely tune from Rosy, Ohon, of watoto (children) reminds us all to look after our children and as I listen to her music, I see how the community would help children to grow in a safe environment and it makes me think how in Kenya we can help change the lives of children in need.