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Diversity in Communities - Kenya

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  • Diversity in Kenyan Communities is to engage active people in Kenya and provide information of available resources.
  • To help young people to understand the prevention of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).
  • To provide information to adults and youths about services that support the prevention of STDs.
  • To refer clients for entitled services.
  • To coach and help individuals to discover what they do best.
  • To empower individuals and the community in Kenya.
  • To provide training opportunities.
  • To support enterprise and entrepreneurial activities to create communities to work in.
  • To create careers and employment.
  • To reduce the level of stress in Kenya.
  • To get people back to work in Kenya.        
  • To train and educate people in a variety of subjects, in medical, academic, spiritual and economics.
  • To provide counselling. ·  
  • To provide advice in the community in Kenya.
  • To provide support and help the disadvantaged and minorities to be socially included in the community in Kenya.
  • To provide awareness of health and wellbeing. This will range from diabetic, obesity, stroke, heart diseases, mental health disease, cancer and Aids.
  • To have health promotion sessions in the community.
  • To provide fun activities to children and families.
  • To advocate for clients.
  • To provide translation.
  • To provide coaching to children, adults and vulnerable people to build self image and know the importance of Godly life.
  • To fundraise and provide investment in environmental, recycling and climate issues.
  • To promote sustainability within the community for all social and environmental areas.

What We Do So Far