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Njoro - Basketball

By: Julliet Makhapila
Posted 23rd March 2010

Egerton University in collaboration with University Sports Association has been in the past organising university games. On the 6th and 7th March 2010, Egerton University hosted inter-university games. Universities across the nation attended the colourful tournament where they locked horns and competed with each other. It was a big spectacle to recognise. Universities in attendance were; the host Egerton University Kenyatta, Moi, Mt Kenya, Kenya Polytechnic, African Nazarene, USIU, (United States International University), Strathmore, and many others. This was a big event that strengthened the ties between institutions of higher learning, not only in academics but in sports. Universities’ teams competed in basketball, soccer, swimming, chess and others games.

This event was held in Egerton University because the institution boasts of quality sports facilities and the university is centralised and located strategically for all universities to find it is easy to locate. In this article, we highlight basketball because Diversity in Kenyan Communities, charity.diversityukc.org/KenyanCommunities.htm, an organisation that serves to transform lives, in collaboration with Egerton University as an institution, is trying to reach out to the youth and the community at large. Diversity in Kenyan Communities has identified a void and need to encourage youth to participate in sports. For this reason, Diversity in Kenyan Communities is in the process of procuring 3 basketballs to be donated to the university and the Egerton community teams. This gesture will go in hand in keeping the youth from unnecessary idleness, drug use, early/unwanted pregnancies and empowering the youth to be responsible individuals to serve humanity and accommodate a bright future for morally upright citizens. The youth are fortunate to have the use of the facilities provided by the university. The university allows the use of the facilities by interested participants. It is also an avenue of talent search for young boys and girls who wish to make basketball a sport of choice. In the near future, when funds are available, Diversity in Kenyan Communities will consider purchasing uniforms and sports shoes for the youth. In attendance were the university’s DVC AA, Prof. Rose Mwonya, Sports Coordinator Mr. Kuria, and the Dean of students. who also showed their support by awarding of the trophies.

Diversity in Kenyan Communities will continue to support and embrace such activities. Please, feel free to make suggestions help such activities to continue and be of benefit to the wellbeing of the community. Email charity@diversityuk.org