News of 31st March 2010

The Successful Close of the Active Njoro Pilot Project

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 Julliet Makhapila 1/42010:
These  pictures make my heart melt. The smiles and the pictures speak for themselves.  The evidence even shows the children are looking slightly bigger and have a little more weight on them, just as the teacher Mr Chirchir told me. he has been so happy with the project and says that it has been so successful; no doubt about it. I am pleased and look at the smiles from the children getting the maths set. They are so happy.

Rodney Oganga, 1/4/2010:
As the children proceed to their school holidays, the 4-week session of the successful Active Njoro project (a venture between Diversity in Communities - Kenya and Heart of Mercy inc.) comes to its conclusion. It has been a challenging venture but the efforts of the Diversity in Communities Chief Executive (Julliet N. Makhapila) the Heart of Mercy inc. Chief Executive (Pastor Samuel W Nganga) have made a big difference to the lives of these young school children.

In attendance, first and foremost, were the immediate beneficiaries of the program, the children from DEB Primary School, Mrs. P Makhapila, The headmaster of the school (Mr. Bernard Kagiri), Harrison K. King’ori (chairman of the School) Pastor J. Mwangi, Pastor David Ngure,  Mr. Chichir (schoolteacher) Superintendent Kiragu and Rodney Oganga (Liaison Officer).

After the lunch session, there were speeches. Mrs. Makhapila encouraged the children to strive for the best in school, despite their tough conditions and backgrounds. Pastor Mwangi followed with words from the scripture, citing  from the story of Moses, leading the Israelites to the promised, despite the adversities they faced. Finally, the headmaster spoke in gratitude and praise of the Julliet Makhapila for her bright idea and kind heart for giving back to the community she grew up in, amazed how she could coordinate the activities while abroad. She provided funds to buy the children stationery to be used during the holidays where they could keep themselves busy with practicing exercises that they were weak in. The children were quite excited to receive the prizes and some were heard saying they would work hard in the following school term, which commences on the 3rd May 2010. It was easy to notice that the programme has changed the children, making them more jovial and uplifting their characters.

In closing, a group photo was taken and everyone dispersed.

Diversity in Communities - Kenya and Heart of Mercy inc. express our thanks to all those who did their best to make this day and all of the preceding 4 months a resounding success.