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  • News of 4th June, 2010 - My Blog is Up & Running - Please interact

  • News of 7th May, 2010 - The Election Result and Special Thanks

  • News of 6th May, 2010 - Julliet Makhapila - The Highlights of My Election Campaign.The Chief Executive of Diversity in UK Communities stands as a Liberal Democrat for Islington ward of Tollington in the council elections on May 6th. Read More

  • 22nd March 2010 - The Diversity in Communities website is up and running: charity.diversityukc.org

  • 19th March 2010 - The Diversity charitable organisation, Diversity in Communities was incorporated as a 'not for profit' business. Registration No. 07196785.

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N.B. Diversity in UK Communities has financed the Njoro programme for Diversity in Kenyan Communities until funds are raised:

Feeding the Children
 - 5th March 2010