News of 11th April 2010

More on My Health Studies Work Placement

Apart from Bridget Fox, I have also been involved with, and been supported by, the deputy council leader Lucy Watt, Adam Bell (see councillor profiles),  Baroness Sarah Ludford (MEP for London), my tutor Friday Adejo and Patricia Nnadi, my placement co-ordinator.
What a fabulous experience it was. During this time, I learned a lot about politics and how it is in England. I was around the team, meeting and getting involved with local Liberal Democrat activities (the best people running the local council) understanding why things are done and the way they are done and how things are within the bigger process of local politics. I was involved in the wanting of real change in Britain with the party that I know currently has the difference from the other two major political parties.
The Liberal  Party has made so many changes in Islington and helped transform peoples' lives. In health it has identified most of the key areas that affect the people of Islington. It has brought about policies and strategies that will enable Islington residents to enjoy better health. 
I chose my placement as it met the criteria required for my modules for health studies work placement (SH3W05N). It provided activities in tune with some of my subjects/modules, such as social policy project (tutor Stuart Issacs), healthcare policy, health  promotion, social problems, management into health, mental health in primary care policy, health illness and society, global social policy, social policy exclusion,  education, housing, homeless and others. My health studies work placement involved the way policies are implemented in Islington.

I also had opportunities to discuss many issues, such as in the individual wards and their work, housing policy and matters, education policy, party policies  and campaigning for the disabled, social care, transport, culture and diversity issues, communication and the conflicting demands of time and budget.
There were some highlights, captured with photographs on how I interacted with events as they unfolded in islington.

Essex Road post office Bridget Fox successfully campaigned to save the Essex Road post office from closure. this picture was taken in August 2008.

On Friday 27th February 2009, I joined Bridget Fox and some of the councillors for a morning walkabout with GLA member Caroline Pidgeon who was visiting Islington. We visited a number of transport ‘hotspots’ in the borough, from Highbury & Islington station, where there is a problem with disabled access, to Kings Cross, where we are campaigning to keep the east side entrance open.

disabled access

Caroline has tabled questions to the Mayor of London on behalf of Islington and it was a chance to see how different levels of Government work together to influence policy.

disabled access

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