News of 11th April 2010

Julliet Makhapila Stands for Tollington for Liberal Democrat Councillor
Town Hall My name is Julliet Makhapila. I am standing for the Islington ward of Tollington as a Liberal Democrat. I am so excited and I hope to be elected by the British voters.
I was born in Kenya and I have lived in Islington for over 8 years and in London for over half my life.

My passion is working with the local community. I love to help people, coach people and also embrace with all kinds of people as to where they are in their lives. I am caring, compassionate and loyal. I have seen and lived amongst disadvantaged people and believe this can be changed, through will-power, self-development and empowerment.
I believe London is a great city with opportunities for everyone and sets one of the best examples in the whole world. I believe it is important to respect each other’s values and to build on diversity in communities. It is in me that the spirit of unity and working together facilitates for change.  I am driven by professional credibility, achieved through excellence in all areas of my role, to attain job satisfaction and make a positive contribution to the success of the community.

I have just finished my joint honours degree in Health Studies and Social Policy at the London Metropolitan University. I stand for maximising resources, minimising wastes and promotion of health and well-being.
better Islington

I believe the Liberal Democrat party has the ability to make a real change, in our current political climate. Look into what the Liberal Democrats stand for and join us or just vote Liberal Democrat on 6th May 2010 for the local council and the parliamentary elections!
I started in politics by volunteering for the Liberal Democrats' office (Leroy House) and enjoyed it so much that I decided to do my health studies work placement with the Liberal Democrats and I was delighted to be accepted.

Bridget FoxBridget I have had a lot of support from Bridget Fox and her team. She is standing for the parliamentary constituency of Islington South & Finsbury. She has fought hard for local issues and will not lose sight of local people and the local area.
Lib Dem

It has now been a pleasure to return some support to Bridget to help her campaign. Even my fiancé joined me to stuff envelopes for a recent mail-drop.

I decided I must try and be a part of making this difference. The next local elections are to be held on 6th May 2010. All the 48 seats (of 16 wards) in Islington are being contested (list of all candidates). In particular, Julliet Makhapila is standing for the Islington ward of Tollington
Stuffing envelopes 

Islington is currently under no overall control, with a Liberal Democrat administration. This election could change that and provide a good working majority of Liberal Democrats.

I am hoping that you, the voters of Tollington ward, will have faith in me as a Lib Dem, ready to act on your behalf. Juliet Makhapila will listen to every voice and I will do what I can to make a difference. That is what I stand for! If you live in any other wards, please vote Liberal Democrat.