News of 4th July 2010

Julliet's Blog  - Up and Running

I welcome everyone to my blog

I will present interesting day to day articles for discussion. I have many stories and experiences to share of success, hopelessness, news, education etc of people and situations globally.

Please comment, argue and feel free to raise issues. This is our place to have a laugh, share ideas, comment, listen to each others' views and bring people together from people across the world.

This is a place to talk serious, reflect, support, develop and hear opinions from experts and non-experts alike. We can express our complaints (where we are dissatisfied with services), welcome services we want, enjoy politics, comment on newspapers, network and unite in love and peace, sharing our joy and sorrow, with space to appreciate that we each have a story to tell. We can listen to and learn from each other.

I want you to enjoy this blog. Today, you take the first step to change your life and someone else's life. Think on what you want to tell us, share only what you want others to know. Comment honestly, share your views openly with integrity and give evidence where you can. Your comments, experiences, views, educational materials, stories, pictures will be welcome as long as your input is appropriate and mindful of others. Please remember, this blog is shared. Let us  have open and honest discussion without insult or rudeness.

I believe that the spirit of unity and working together facilitates change. This works where there is a platform to hear views and share ideas. I request your involvement and participation in issues that matter most to yourself and that make a positive contribution to the success of the community and those most dear to you.

I am a caring and loving person. I appreciate everyone around me. I hope to transform lives. I believe that it is important to respect each others' values and commercial honesty and to openly build stronger, diverse communities across the world. My hope and desire is for mankind to love each other and reap the rewards. I hope to see an understanding and a celebration of the world we live in and a platform for cultural and diverse sharing of experiences, bringing love, joy, education, skills and knowledge to all, to facilitate solving issues, understanding and dealing with suffering.

This is for me to you all and all we have to do is to stick together and learn to love each other day by day.