News of 6th May 2010

Julliet Makhapila - Some Highlights of My Election Campaign
Northgate Friends Northgate
The election campaign was hard work and time-consuming. A lot of effort was aimed at the Parliamentary constituency of South Islington and Finsbury, where Bridget Fox was standing for Liberal Democrat. I explained some of the issues to some of my friends from the Kenyan community who were very supportive and helped in many ways.
Friends Friends
Bridget Fox Some of my friends came with me to Leroy House and helped out, to distribute leaflets and to canvass, for my Parliamentary candidate Bridget Fox. Bridget Fox
Relaxing relaxing There had to be time to relax in all this effort, so I enjoyed a small break for my Birthday treat. We visited Derbyshire and Blue John Cavern. I was amazed at tons of rock balanced precariously on a knife edge - a bit like politics!
Relaxing relaxing
driving Then, back to the work and on the day before the election, my fiance festooned his car and drove the streets of Tollington. driving
Then it was Election day. I visited the polling station and engaged voters. My friend drove me around Tollington, for one last-minute exposure. Then, fingers crossed.
polling station polling day driving
polling card driving support