News of 7th May 2010

The Election Result and Special Thanks

In the British elections, the Labour party lost over 90 seats in the general election. Bizarrely, in the local council elections Labour gained 14 councils. In Islington Labour gained a landslide over The Liberal Democrats, in a very surprising way, and so not surprisingly Julliet Makhapila was not voted into the Tollington ward. The election took place at the same time as the General Election and it was characterised by a high turnout, double that of 2006. The encouraging aspect for Julliet was Liberal Democrats doubled their actual vote (to more than the Labour winners of 2006), whereas the Labour vote fell short of doubling, meaning their was a swing to Liberal Democrat in the Tollington ward, one of the best swings in the whole of the Islington Borough. Julliet’s vote was second of the three Liberal Democrat candidates. It was obvious that the canvassing she was able to do and her popularity made a difference to the voting statistics, not only for herself but for her colleague candidates. Although not an election victory, the result was a personal victory for Julliet.

In the pictures below can be seen some of the Liberal Democrat candidates, waiting for the results. There's the returning officer giving results and Julliet amongst the crowd, waiting for the result of Tollington.

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"I thank all the voters who voted for me, my fellow Kenyans in Britain who greatly showed their support, Islington residents and other residents who came to canvass with me in support of my parliamentary candidate Bridget Fox, My appreciation to Esther Njeri Ndungu and the community who joined me in my last-minute canvassing, my party members not forgetting my fiancé and all the support he has shown to me mmwwaah, mummy and daddy, family and all my fellow Kenyan citizens in Kenya who joined me in prayers, love  and support . I will do this again and I encourage all of you to go out and make a difference."

Friends Friends
God is so faithful.  Esther Njeri. Ndungu joins me cheering me up on polling day after hard work while we continue to canvas for last-minute votes. I dedicate this picture to her. Read the news in The Standard.