Diversity in UK Communities

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My passion is working with the local community. I love to help people, coach people and also embrace with all kinds of people as to where they are in their lives. I have a caring, compassionate and loyal attitude. I have seen and lived amongst disadvantaged people and believe this can be changed around through will-power and self-development. I am very passionate about helping to change peoples' lives for the better. I hope many lives will be transformed.

I have been in London for over 18 years and believe London is a great city with lots of opportunities for everyone and sets one of the best examples in the whole world. I believe that it is important to respect each others values and commercial honesty. It is important to openly build stronger diverse UK communities. It is in me that the spirit of unity and working together facilitates for change.  I am driven by professional credibility, achieved through excellence in all areas of my role, to attain job satisfaction and make a positive contribution to the success of the community. My degree is in Health Studies and Social Policy.



Chief Executive:
Julliet N Makhapila BSc (Hons)