Diversity in UK Communities

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Always check for the latest services available. These will change and expand as demand requires.

Complementary Services

Various complementary therapies are available, through Holistic Answers and associates.


We aim to reach the person from where they are in their lives by various means to empower the individual towards achievement.

Diversity Training

Training tailored to the individual's need. An understanding of diversity issues will be explored systematically.

A Better Way of Change programme

This is a delivery programme for anyone to attend, which explores our strengths and weaknesses to make for efficient personal development.

Special Needs Services

Our services support people with special needs such as supplying support with reading and writing, personal care in homes and domestic activities. We work closely with schools and parents that require this services.

Victim Support

  • Our services support victims who have experienced domestic violence.
  • Our services support victims who have experienced forced marriages.

We provide referrals, counselling, training programmes, empowerment, education, befriending scheme and advice and advocacy services.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Recovery Services

Our services support people who wish to recover from alcohol and drug misuse. We provide referrals, coaching, counselling, personal training programmes, therapeutic programmes, empowerment, education and advice advocacy. 

Services for the Homeless

Our services provides training for people who are homeless and are citizens of the European Economic Community (EEC) .

We also refer to other services within or outside our organisation, e.g. counselling, and for food and drink etc.

Services for Immigrants and Migrants

Our services provide qualified professionals giving advice on Home Office referral, housing, welfare, employment, family divorce and legal services for children.